Dash Snow

26-10, 2006 Jeroen Bosch 4

Adopting all the attitude of hip hop posturing, Dash Snow’s Fuck the Police presents a prized collection of newspaper headlines emblazoned with instances cop corruption. Each salacious story is splattered with cum and framed and [Meer…]


Robert Melee

25-10, 2006 Jeroen Bosch 0

Redefined Gradual Substitution 2000 enamel, plaster, beer bottle caps, on wood 25″ diam 20 X 30 inches


Lydia Schouten

24-10, 2006 Jeroen Bosch 0

Sexobject performance, 1979 metal frame with rubber bands and leather corset Whipping to balloons, filled with black ink Timespan: 30 min. (Link) Monument voor de Verdronken Dorpen in Zeeland 200X (Link) Òf het Monument voor [Meer…]


Incidental sculpture

24-10, 2006 Jeroen Bosch 5

Stairway locked to lamppost (Link) Cardboard Construction with tape (Link)

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