Cosmico Cavallaro

I did it daddy, Cosmico Cavallaro

I did it daddy, Cosmico Cavallaro, 2005

“He’s not wearing any clothes at all,” said Debbie Charan, 40, of Queens. “Why would they want to do something like that?” … /2007-03-30_choc_full_o_anger_.html


  1. Christenpesten in een christenland: een (paas)eitje. Ongelofelijk dat men nog de moeite neemt om opgewonden te raken van extragratis provocatie.

    Overigens is de kunstenaar in kwestie ook bedreven met kaas en stront en ham. Thematisch valt deze chocozoon nauwelijks buiten de boot.

  2. Opwinding over de opwinding, uit het commentaar bij de NY Daily: “I don’t understand why people think that white is right and black is not.”

  3. As is often the case with work that uses religious iconography in a way that certain factions of society (oh so predictably) find lacking in respect, i think the work itself is less interesting than the responses it provokes.

    Most worrying, for me, is the fact that NY daily has chosen to consider ‘Catholic Outrage’ worthy front page news.

    I can’t help but think that this decision to give a prominent platform to a medieval mindset reinforces the sense of righteous victimhood amongst the strongly religious. Perhaps ignoring it would be in our (cvilisation’s) better interest.

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