Willem Besselink

Willem Besselink

Flurwege WdKA 2005 “At four evenings in a row, from 8 – 9 PM, I marked the routes taken by passers by through the entrance hall of the Academy. Black tape for men, red tape for women.” (Link)

Straffe staaltjes zero content.



Tijdslijnen 2007 “In the end, the floors and the stairs of the house were covered with tape in five different colours, showing the way the house was used in the past, and might be used in the future.” (Link)


Trappenteller 2006 “In the end resulting in the staircase covered by painted woodenplanks, showing the amount of people that used this step, either upward or downward. ” (Link)


Willem Besselink @ PechaKucha Rotterdam 27 juni


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