Johan Löfgren

4-05, 2009 Jeroen Bosch 0

Instead of a brush and a canvas the TRUE-PAINTER used a machine and screen. He mumbled to himself, “let’s go for the crown ART-KAISER”. (Link) PIXELiT № 23 (Link)


Interview Ron van der Ende

3-05, 2009 Jeroen Bosch 1

“All of my favorite websites from those days were discontinued a couple of years later. Gone without a trace even. Some of my favorites were a website for Gilly’s Car Wreckers, ([…]/ a car [Meer…]


Dominique Teufen @ Leo XIII

2-05, 2009 Jeroen Bosch 9

“denk […] in de kleuren van je hart…” (Foto Whatspace) Feest in Tilburg! Must see/click:

No Picture

Blood on the concrete

2-05, 2009 [Redactie] 0

Guardian: Blood on the concrete – Follow the construction of Anish Kapoor’s latest sculpture in a Brighton warehouse


Jack Siegel – Skullset

1-05, 2009 Jeroen Bosch 0

Decadent I didn’t want to get out of my bed Part 3 of 4 1 miljoen party pictures/openingen en aanverwante fotografie. In ieder geval: een waanzinnige hoeveelheid.

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