Scrapheap challenge: Michael Landy’s art bin

Daar gaat weer een mottige Hirst.

Marc Bijl doneerde al zijn mislukte werk al aan Worm, anders had het wellicht in Michael Landy’s art bin geworpen kunnen worden. Damien Hirst, Gillian Wearing, Tracey Emin, Mark Titchner: een wassende berg rotzooi en troep, kunstwerken waar de honden geen brood van lusten.

Click here to apply to dispose of art works in
Art Bin and Michael Landy or his representative will respond to your application within one week of receipt. Please submit one work only per form, multiple applications are welcome.”

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  1. Applying to dispose of your art-…. What shit. and even worse, having some one curate who’s work will be destroyed.
    Funny enough though, yesterday, i saw some city workers emptying my neighbors house- the family was screaming- im sure they had not payed the rent or something— made me think of how original the whole concept of destroying your own art work is- Bravo Micheal Landy, bravo Mark Bijl and company…. you really showed how brave you are to submit your un successful art to be curated into a show which deems your art unsuccessfully- hurray!!!!
    anyway, i have a whole bunch of art outside of my house now, baby carriages, beds, plates etc… maybe ill submit those- ok, ok, maybe its not art, its those sorry susckers who didnt pay the rents life- but hey, is art not like life? hummmm….I better call an currator to ask if thats good enough to say….If Micheal Landy had balls, he woud of asked all these great artists to allow him to go into their studios and take what HE wanted- or even better, he should have an eviction agent go into the studios and take what they wanted-…

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