Pete Doherty’s blood, sweat and smear

Toppertje: Personal work by Doherty of his Libertines bandmates. Includes contribution from his son and a self portrait by Amy Winehouse in her own blood. Also signed by Doherty in his blood.

“The musician, who has been trying to make a name for himself as a fine artist, uses a technique he calls “arterial splatter”, in which he squirts his blood from a syringe on to canvas, or cuts a finger and draws with it. “[…]sweat-and-tears-7718671.html

A collaboration with Charlotte Gainsbourg, created during the filming of “The Confessions of a Child of the Century”. Mixed media (Pen, watercolour, charcoal and blood), 2011

A new work created for the On Blood exhibition, the painting features music lyrics in blood. Watercolour and blood on canvas. 2012


A new work created for the On Blood exhibtion, with detail of nude in bell jar. Watercolor and blood on canvas, 2012

En voor wie meer muzikaal is aangelegd:

Een drietal tweedehands gitaartjes.

Veiling vrijdag 11 mei aanstaande.

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