Lalala geld

17-10, 2007 Jeroen Bosch 0

“Help Van Gogh realize his dream” Meneer Janssens’ ongelukje: “[…] a sales manager at the time, he was injured in a car crash in 1985 in front of the inn, Auberge Ravoux. While recovering, [Meer…]


Van Gogh

23-12, 2006 Jeroen Bosch 0

Schädel mit brennender Zigarette, Winter 1885/86, Amsterdam Rijksmuseum


Christie’s veilt Van Gogh

29-03, 2006 Jeroen Bosch 2

L’Arlesienne (Madame Ginoux) “AN OIL PAINTING that Vincent van Gogh painted for his friend and fellow artist Paul Gauguin is expected to sell for for more than $40 million when it is offered at Christie’s [Meer…]

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