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  1. Hello Ellemieke,

    I am Professor Jackie Emmy Elisbeth Brennan(my maiden name is Emmy Elisabeth Schoenmaker) and I was born in Den Haag on 24.10.47. At the age of three I imigrated to Australia with my family.

    You and I may not have anything in common … however we may have everything in common.

    I am a retired Professor of interior design and architecture and, although retired, still dabble in my pleasure by teaching art and creative writing in our region – which is Hervey Bay – just below the central coast of Queensland in Eastern Australia.

    I am a published author and a well known regional artist. I have served a term as President and Gallery Director of our local art Society and am still active on the committee.

    I have recently closed a very successful solo exhibition entitled ‘Metalica’ which consisted of various works depicting metal objects in watercolour and acrylic. I would have attached a few of my works so that you can see what I do, but this reply will not support attachments.

    I’m a humble soul and do not have a web site (although, if my son-in-law, Andrew, had his way, I’d be plastered all over the web).

    I live in a pretty beach house with a private walk to the beach in a small fishing village called Burrum Heads. We have two dogs, Muffy and Teddy, and the perfect pussy called Cocoa. We have lots of fruit trees, great meighbours and a pretty garden. It is the perfect place for retirement.

    My husband Terry and I are very contented.

    Our 4 children and 3 grandchildren visit as often as possible. Jason 34 is a builder and has a wonderful wife, Sarah + two precious grandchildren, Madonna 8 and Joel 5.

    Jennine 31 has just come home from working for the World Bank in London and Amsterdam with her husband Andrew to have their first child, Saskia Rachael. Terry and I are such proud grandparents.

    Daughter number two, Rachael, is currently teaching English/Law in Japan and she will be home to celebrate Christmas with us.

    Our youngest son, Dallas is the catering manager of a large Lawn Bowling Club in New South Wales – a neighbour state. He’s a 25yr old bachelor, still looking for miss-right.

    I know you will think it silly of me to write you all this information but in Austalia rarely do you find someone to whom you may be related, let alone share an intimate passion with – like art.

    I will understand if you can’t write English. My Dutch graphics, after leaving the country at the age of three, is non exisxtant. However, I do still speak the language fluently – why? I have no idea. Perhaps I still call a horse a partje – or peas, doppertjes. That’s me as a three year old (and that’s just a spelling guess). If you have to respond in Dutch, I will do my best to understand.

    What are the chances that I would find someone on the other side of the world with the same heritage, who shares my passion – ART.


    Professor Jackie Brennan

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