Uitreiking Brutus Art Prize aan Priscila Fernandes @ AVL Mundo

Afgelopen vrijdagavond 14 juni feestelijke uitrijking van de eerste Brutus Art Prize aan Priscila Fernandes.

(foto’s Edward Clydesdale Thompson)

Een zonovergoten zomernamiddag met uitzicht op de Lee Towers.

Woody van Amen, ferme handdruk en eervolle vermelding: “For almost fifty years, Van Amen has produced a sensational and multifaceted oeuvre that includes painting, sculpture, installation, and film.”

Fijne trofee voor de eerste Brutus Art Prize winnaar Priscila Fernandes: “The jury praises Fernandes’ playful and accurate approach to social themes. She challenges viewpoints on work and leisure with both humor and honesty. This approach makes that her work has found a natural home in the city of Rotterdam – once the city of working people, now a city with an increasing amount of tourists.”

Fernandes: “It’s a great honor to receive this prize from another artist. It really touches me that my work is appreciated, which gives me a lot of confidence and energy to further develop new projects. Thank you Joep van Lieshout, AVL Mundo and the Brutus jury: Mariette Dölle, Noah Latif Lamp, Alexander Mayhew, Marina Otero Verzier and Elfie Tromp.”

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