Electrocuting an Elephant

Electrocuting an Elephant, Thomas A. Edison, 1903

Nadat Edison eerst had geoefend met zwerfhonden (vergeet Guillermo Habacuc Vargas, koop geen gloeilampen), werd hij gevraagd voor het grotere werk, in het Luna-park van Coney Island.


De Amerikaanse dierenbescherming vond ophangen te wreed. Ophangen?

13 jaar later was 13 september The Day They Hung the Elephant.
De vooruitgang was nog niet doorgedrongen tot Erwin, Tennessee.

Murderous Mary

Many rumors about the events of September 12, 1916, have been spread through the years. […]
admission to Mary’s execution was free to the individuals who paid to see the daylight performance of the circus prior to her hanging. […]
It took about ten minutes before Murderous Mary was finally dead. (bron)

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