Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade

Een hartverwarmend tafereeltje

Thomas Kinkade, wie kent hem niet, misschien wel de meest verkochte kunstenaar ter wereld.

Want, zo schrijft de Guardian:

“Kinkade’s luridly idyllic landscapes, full of quaint cottages and glowing firelight, already hang in an estimated one in 20 US homes.”

Thomas Kinkade is een echte kunstenaar:

“he has been accused of sexual harassment, fraudulent business practices and bizarre incidents of drunkenness including a habit of “ritual territory marking” that involves urinating in public places.”,,1739383,00.html

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  1. In de vanity fair van 2008, pakkende kop “Thomas Kinkade’s 16 Guidelines for Making Stuff Suck”

    “The art world has never exactly embraced Kinkade, though in the last 16 years his company and its partners have reportedly made more than $4 billion selling his signature renderings of idyllic settings, which employ diffuse light sources, aggressive pastels, and a domineering religious worldview.”

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